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November 25th, 2020

How Some Movies Kill Your Test Levels

Ever noticed how some movies and books can make you feel excited, angry, happy, sad, fearful, anxious, nervous, or tense?

You have probably also noticed when someone is telling a really good story that your emotions were getting fired up and you really wanted to find out what was going to happen next.

You may even have read books that are so vivid in their imagery that you can almost see what it looks like and what is happening as you read it.

You can use this power of “vicarious living” to your advantage. Action movies, man movies, where the pro-tagonist is a real alpha male or where the protagonist undergoes a transformation from a little guy to a big guy, can give you the same boost as if you were experiencing the events for yourself.

The lesson of this short article? Boost your testosterone by watching movies where the man wins, or where the little guy becomes a big guy.. don’t be limited to movies just about men, women can be just as badass too.

Reduce your testosterone by watching movies like romcoms, chick flicks, depressing dramas, no-hope horror films and post-civilization destruction and terror movies.

Carefully select what you read and watch, and your masculinity can be boosted, even restored. If you consume without a care, your levels of testosterone can fluctuate.

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