Public Health Alert Concerning
Erectile Dysfunction Meds
available in United States



  • Consumers of erectile dysfunction medication and/or male enhancement supplements
  • Health care professionals

June 7, 2020 - Harmful counterfeit erectile dysfunction meds are currently causing a wave of severe health disorders with several hundred men affected and at least 93 known victims administered to hospitals so far. Most serious symptoms include:

  • Lumps on the penis shaft
  • Testicular shrinkage
  • Clogged urethra
  • Genital rash


The toxic ED meds are being offered in various shapes and packages with many attempting to emulate our legitimate TestoMAX200 solution. These are pictures of at least 16 imitation products identified so far.

Be aware of these potentially dangerous imitation products. Click to enlarge image

Note that the real TestoMAX200 solution is proven to cause no side-effects but has often been sold out due to its highly potent 200:1 Indonesian Tongkat Ali roots, which require an entire 10 years to fully mature.

Due to this extremely high demand, imitators are now taking advantage of desperate consumers by offering counterfeit inferior substances, resulting in the harmful health conditions noted above.

Take Note

If or when the real TestoMAX200 solution is available, it can only be picked up directly from our website because we own the exclusive first-harvesting rights to the authentic highly potent 10 year aged Indonesian Tongkat Ali root.

You can use this safe online availability checker provided by Google to see real-time supply status and delivery availability in your area.


The real TestoMAX200 capsules always come in bottles as seen in below promo clip with UFC star Michael Johnson - and can only be found directly on our website. Any other product may be contaminated and potentially result in the above mentioned health disorders.

In case of doubt or if you think you may have been impacted, consult your doctor immediately or directly call our hotline 24/7 at 888-223-3225.

Please share this health alert with anyone who may benefit.

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